Boost the value of your CRM data

Boost the value of your CRM data using Map-based Visualization

Most companies today use a CRM system but it is easy to forget to exploit the full potential of the gold mine of data you are sitting on.
By taking advantage of the geographical part of the data you get another dimension, and it is often much easier to absorb large amounts of information visually.

Visual Regio makes it easy to visualize the CRM data on the map and why not combine it with data from other sources, internal or external.
When you see all the information on a map, it is much easier to see patterns and gain completely new insights compared to analyzing data in tables and lists.

Examples of applications:

  • Display Customers, Prospects and Leads with different colors on the map
  • Show completed and planned activities “Make the map green” and why not show it on the big screen in the office
  • Where are the customers in relation to our offices / places of business?
  • Where are our most satisfied / dissatisfied customers, can we see any pattern?
  • What do the sales reps’ districts look like?
  • Where have most incidents occurred and where do we need to focus our resources?
  • Where do our employees live and where would it be appropriate to establish a new office?
  • To select target groups for micro-campaigns of various kinds
  • Data cleaning – easy to detect discrepancies

As you can see there are many applications and the great thing about Visual Regio is that you can analyze all these and many more in the same tool. You design what you want to analyze!
Everything is handled easily and securely by uploading CSV files manually or scheduled to our cloud service.
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Happy mapping!

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Location Intelligence improves your business decisions – get smarter

Are you utilizing the geographical part of your business information?

The majority of your data are somehow related to a location, and in the normal case, you only see your data in tables or charts – no maps. Tables and charts only tell you a part of the story and do not give you real understanding and comprehension of your data

With Visual Regio map-based visualizations, you can quickly relate your data to locations that are meaningful to your business and discover patterns and trends that are not visible in the tables and charts. You can quickly create dynamic, interactive maps based on your business data that you have in a file or spreadsheet, your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), your Business Intelligence System (BI), your Claim system or your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and explore them in a whole new way, gaining new insights and making better, smarter and more informed decisions immediately.

Location Intelligence Industries

New release!

New Release Highlights

Scheduled AutoImport with SFTP

This is perfect for the users who want automatic update of the map every day to be able to follow the progress on a daily basis. Automate the creation of your csv files every day and schedule an upload to our secure SFTP server, then our new service AutoImport will take care of the uploads to Visual Regio. All you have to do is analyze!

Hyperlinks in Infoboxes

It is now possible to add hyperlinks (URL) in the data and the hyperlinks will be visible in the Infobox when clicking on a pin on the map. Add links to web pages or internal systems such as CRM and have access to all information you need with a click!

Upgraded Bing Maps version

The map engine in Visual Regio is Bing Maps and in the latest version of Bing Maps there are a lot of new good stuff that makes it faster and better and it gives us the possibility to develop more great functionality in Visual Regio in future releases. I will not dive in to the technical details here…

Watch this video to see see the highlights.

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Why choose only one topic to analyze?

Using Visual Regio Location Intelligence you do not need to select or restrict yourself to one topic to analyze on the map!

We are constantly faced with new challenges, issues and decisions to be taken and it might be different questions every day. Visual Regio can provide insights and visual decision support, by utilizing location based analysis and you are in control of what to analyze from day to day.

Shippers, machine installations and services, products and upsell as well as questions related to personell are some areas that can be analyzed on the map. Interesting and profitable from both an economic and environmental perspective!

How do you use the geographical part of your business information?

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What is Location Intelligence?

For what purpose would YOU like to use Visual Regio Location Intelligence?

The use of Location Intelligence is basically unlimited and very exiting to explore.
But WHAT is Location Intelligence? you might ask yourself.

A brief description, it’s an analysis tool to utilize the geographical part of the business information and transform it into strategic and visual decision support.
Sounds smart doesn’t it?
With Visual Regio Location Intelligence in the Cloud, you can easily and securely analyze your business information on the map and discover new business opportunities.

A few examples:

Meetings (planned/booked/completed)
Micro campaigns
Insurance claims
Fish-/Shrimp farms
Agreements/Service agreements
Your own idea, only the imagination sets the limit…


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Have you put your customers on the map?

Visualize Customers On The Map

The autumn sales period is now starting up at full speed, and conferences and sales training are on schedule for many companies. Imagine being able to show where your customers and prospects are geographically located. To be able to view an overview of already completed, booked or planned meetings on the map. Or why not show your won business/project during the year on the map?

Visual Regio is a perfect tool to use with data from the CRM system to visualize business information on the map and to easily create focus on, for example, customer and sales activities: Which salesperson will first have their customers visited and highlighted on the map?

Usually, the use of Visual Regio also leads to completely new insights about the business. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

A major advantage of Visual Regio is that there is no need for expensive integration and you have full control over what you want to analyze and can change your mind from day to day.

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Visual Regio – How does it work?

Tired of spread sheets?

Spread sheets and diagrams are the common – and if I may say so quite boring – tools
to work with to make important decisions for your company’s future.

Visual Regio is here to change your perspective!
Imagine you could visualize your data on the map to gain a totally
new insight of your business and market.
Watch this video to see how you can get started in less than a day.

Where are you most profitable?

Use case #1 – Turn the map green

Learn how Visual Regio Location Intelligence can help you analyze your business data
to better target your market geographically and then act on your visual insights.

Watch the map turn greener day by day! And remember this is just one use case.

The only limit is your imagination!
And if you can’t imagine what Visual Regio can do for you –
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Still pins on map

Are you still putting out pins on a paper map?
Let Visual Regio do the job for you!

The only thing you need to get started is a csv file with your data.
You can easily combine your internal information like CRM data with external data.
We let YOU decide what data you want to analyze and there is
no need of complicated system integration and big expensive IT project.
Visual Regio Location Intelligence is a secure application in the cloud
Powered by Microsoft Azure.

Just upload your file to instantly get important insights of your business!

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AddApp CRM Solutions AB acquire Visual Regio

AddApp CRM Solutions AB acquired Visual Regio in March 2017

With our extensive experience from the CRM market we bring a lot of ideas how to make Visual Regio even more powerful and our aim is to add on new features that will make it easier to gain important insights about your business using Visual Regio’s map based visualization.

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