New Release Highlights

Scheduled AutoImport with SFTP

This is perfect for the users who want automatic update of the map every day to be able to follow the progress on a daily basis. Automate the creation of your csv files every day and schedule an upload to our secure SFTP server, then our new service AutoImport will take care of the uploads to Visual Regio. All you have to do is analyze!

Hyperlinks in Infoboxes

It is now possible to add hyperlinks (URL) in the data and the hyperlinks will be visible in the Infobox when clicking on a pin on the map. Add links to web pages or internal systems such as CRM and have access to all information you need with a click!

Upgraded Bing Maps version

The map engine in Visual Regio is Bing Maps and in the latest version of Bing Maps there are a lot of new good stuff that makes it faster and better and it gives us the possibility to develop more great functionality in Visual Regio in future releases. I will not dive in to the technical details here…

Watch this video to see see the highlights.

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