1. Generally

1.1 These terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) shall govern the contractual relationship between the customer and AddApp CRM Solutions AB (reg. no. 556905-3464) (“Visual Regio”).

1.2 The Agreement entitles the customer to use the Internet-based service which is provided by Visual Regio (the “Service”). The right of use shall be limited to the number of users which the customer has registered for use of the Service from time to time. Visual Regio may also offer supplemental services to which the Agreement shall apply, where applicable, together with separate terms and conditions.

1.3 The Agreement shall not cover assistance in conjunction with configuration, integration, or other adaptations. Any provision of such services requires a separate agreement.

1.4 Visual Regio shall provide user support via e-mail or telephone from 8 am – 5 pm on weekdays which are not public holidays, unless otherwise agreed. Contact information for user support is provided on Visual Regio’s website.

2. Term of the Agreement, termination, etc.

2.1 The Agreement shall be in force commencing the customer’s order and during the contract term which the customer selected at the time it registered for the Service. The Service shall be deemed delivered when Visual Regio has activated any of the customer’s users, whereupon the customer’s obligation to pay pursuant to section 3 below shall also arise.

2.2 Notice of termination by the customer must be in writing or by e-mail and must be received by Visual Regio not later than at the time set forth below:

a) for a contract term of three (3) months: not later than one (1) month prior to the end of the contract term;

b) for a contract term of six (6) months or one (1) year: not later than three (3) months prior to the end of the contract term.

2.3 If the Agreement is not terminated in accordance with section 2.2, the Agreement shall be extended automatically with the same contract term.

2.4 Both parties shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement on the grounds of the other party’s material breach of contract where the contracting party fails to cure such breach of contact within thirty (30) days after written notice of the breach.

2.5 Notice of termination must be in writing in order to be valid.

3. Accessibility

3.1 The Service is provided with 99.5% accessibility per month. Scheduled interruptions (e.g. for necessary service and maintenance) of which the customer is notified 48 hours in advance shall not be regarded as inaccessibility.

3.2 If the accessibility of the Service is lower than the stated accessibility for three (3) consecutive months, the customer’s sole remedy shall be the right to terminate the Agreement with thirty (30) days’ notice.

4. Charges for the Service

4.1 The customer shall pay applicable charges for the Service, per user, in accordance with the applicable price model. Charges shall be invoiced in advance unless otherwise agreed. Price information is stated exclusive of value added tax.

4.2 In the event of insufficient payment or non-payment, Visual Regio shall be entitled to:

a) block access to the Service until full payment is received; and/or

b) collect penalty interest on arrears commencing on the due date pursuant to section 6 of the Swedish Interest Act, as well as compensation for written payment reminders and costs of collection pursuant to law.

4.3 Visual Regio shall be entitled to change applicable prices one (1) time per six-month period. However, any price change may only enter into force in conjunction with a new contract term. Notice of any increase in charges shall be given not later than three (3) months in advance.

5. The customer’s undertakings

5.1 The customer shall own, and be liable for, all information which is stored in the Service. Visual Regio shall acquire no rights to the customer’s information under, or by virtue of, this Agreement.

5.2 The customer undertakes to refrain from unauthorised access of Visual Regio’s data resources. The customer shall be liable for all users’ use of the Service. If the customer learns that any employee or other party is in breach of the Agreement, the customer shall be obliged to take suitable measures immediately to secure cessation of such breach of contract and shall inform Visual Regio of the breach.

5.3 The customer shall be responsible for ensuring that log-in information (user identification and password) is stored in a satisfactory manner. For the sake of clarification, the customer shall pay a suitable charge for all new users who are ordered via the customer’s user identification(s).

5.4 The customer shall ensure that it has access at all times to such hardware and software, as well as network service, which is necessary to use the Service.

5.5 The customer undertakes to hold Visual Regio harmless for all third party claims in respect of the Customer’s use of the Service in contravention of the Agreement, any third party right, or applicable law. Information stored within the service may not contain, for example:

a) information which infringes on third party intellectual property rights;

b) computer viruses or other harmful code; or

c) pornographic, discriminatory, racist, humiliating, threatening, or violent material, or material which constitutes any illegal threat, incitement against a minority group, defamation, or incitement to perform illegal activities.

5.6 In the event of a breach of any of the provisions of sections 5.2-5.6, Visual Regio shall be entitled to shut down the Service in respect of the customer immediately, terminate the Agreement with immediate effect, and/or demand compensation for any loss which Visual Regio incurs as a result of the breach of contract.

6. Limitation of liability

6.1 Visual Regio shall have no liability, in damages or otherwise, for direct or indirect damage and financial loss due to any defect, delay, interruption, non-delivery of data, insufficient accessibility, or similar circumstances or events. Visual Regio shall not be liable for any loss of data or other damage which is incurred as a result of a virus or unauthorised attack or unauthorised impact.

6.2 Visual Regio’s maximum liability to the customer under the Agreement, regardless of the grounds for such liability, shall not exceed an amount equivalent to three (3) times the average compensation paid by the customer to Visual Regio during the term of the Agreement.

6.3 The customer acknowledges that the Service is provided with no warranty in respect of accessibility and quality. The customer is aware that accessibility of the Service is highly dependent on Visual Regio’s platform provider and that actual access to the Service may be outside of Visual Regio’s control.

7. Protection of the customer’s information

7.1 Information which is stored in the Service is protected by sophisticated security technology and in accordance with industry standards. Data which is sent to the customer in conjunction with use of the Service is encrypted. The customer’s information is backed up daily.

7.2 Visual Regio undertakes to refrain from providing the customer’s data to any third party unless such obligation follows from law, a public authority order, or a judicial decision or order.

7.3 With the exception of necessary system administration, e.g. to fulfil this Agreement, Visual Regio is not authorised to verify the customer’s information which is stored in the Service. However, Visual Regio shall be entitled to collect anonymized information regarding the customer’s and users’ use of the Service for statistical and commercial purposes.

8. Processing Personal Data

8.1 Information which the customer stores in the Service may contain personal data for which the customer is the controller of personal data. Visual Regio shall thereupon be regarded as the customer’s personal data assistant. This section 8 constitutes a written assistance agreement and can only by modified by agreement between the parties.

8.2 Visual Regio undertakes, in accordance with the Agreement, to comply with the customer’s instructions in respect of processing of personal data. Visual Regio shall not process personal data for any purpose other than provision of the Service. The Agreement constitutes the complete and final instructions to Visual Regio for its processing of personal data. In addition, Visual Regio shall take suitable technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data which is processed, whereupon the customer hereby approves Visual Regio’s security measures in accordance with section 7 above.

8.3 Visual Regio acknowledges that personal data in the Service shall be stored within the EU/EEA.

8.4 The customer acknowledges that Visual Regio will engage subcontractors as personal data assistants for processing the customer’s personal data including, but not limited to, the platform provider. The customer hereby accepts that Visual Regio will enter into subcontracting personal

data assistant agreements with such subcontracting personal data assistants on behalf of the customer. Visual Regio shall ensure that all subcontracting personal data assistants comply with the obligations under the Agreement.

8.5 The customer shall be entitled to review and verify Visual Regio’s performance of its undertakings in this section 8; at Visual Regio’s request, such review shall be carried out by an independent third party.

9. Modifications of the terms and conditions or the Service

9.1 Visual Regio shall be entitled, unilaterally, to modify these terms and conditions; however section 8 may not be modified without the customer’s approval. Modifications shall enter into force three (3) months after the customer has been notified in writing or by e-mail. In the event of insignificant modifications, such as those of an editorial nature, notice to the customer may be given by general announcement, such as through publication on the website.

9.2 Visual Regio shall be entitled to modify the Service without separate notice, provided that the updates do not clearly prejudice the customer.

9.3 Visual Regio shall notify the customer in advance of any significant planned changes to the Service. Such notice may be given in writing or by e-mail. The customer shall be entitled, within fourteen (14) days of such notice, to terminate the Agreement with thirty (30) days’ written notice of termination. Where no such notice of termination is given, the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the change.

10. Force Majeure

10.1 A party shall be discharged from liability where performance of certain undertakings is prevented or significantly impeded by a circumstance beyond the party’s control. Such force majeure circumstances include, inter alia, labour disputes, lightning strikes, fire, public authority provisions or other public regulations, operating problems or defects on the part of platform providers, defects in another operator’s network, general shortage of means of transport or fuel or other similar circumstance. As soon as the impediment has ceased, the undertaking shall be performed in accordance with the Agreement.

11. Assignment

11.1 The Agreement may not be assigned to a third party unless the other party has given its consent thereto. However, Visual Regio shall be entitled to assign the right to invoice charges and/or accept payment under the Agreement.

12. Disputes

12.1 Any dispute arising as a result of this Agreement shall be conclusively resolved under Swedish law through arbitral proceedings administered by the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC).

12.2 The SCC’s Rules for Expedited Arbitration shall apply unless the SCC, taking into consideration the complexity of the case, the amount in controversy, and other circumstances, decides that the Rules of Arbitration are to apply. In the latter case, the SCC shall also decide whether the arbitral tribunal shall comprise one or three arbitrators. The arbitral proceedings shall be held in Stockholm.