Location Mapping

Location Mapping is referred to as the map which indicates the location of specific geographic areas. This is known as cartography. The American cartographer Arthur Robinson stated the fact that if the map is not properly designed, it is a cartography failure. The purpose of location mapping is to identify the exact location the reader is looking for. Until the correct location is being identified, the purpose will not be fulfilled. Therefore, the correct design of the mapping is extremely important. Location mapping is thus important for whose readers who do not have ideas about specific locations and use it for the purpose of locating such unknown areas.

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Uses of Location Mapping

Location Mapping is used in various purposes such as in education, interactive applications, commerce, corporate web sites, marketing, and so on. In academic purpose, the students use it for increasing their knowledge about geographic areas. The knowledge about location is important to know about specific countries, their climate, geographic boundaries, and lot more. In the academics, this information is needed. In the US, the standard is set to enhance the knowledge of location mapping by the National Council for Geographic Education. Some applications are used to locate the specific areas such as Google maps, locator software etc. Google is the popular locator maps which enables users to locate areas exactly to their choice. The user can zoom also to get clear and detailed image of the designated areas. In commerce, the use of location mapping is even bigger. People now search for specific corporate house, restaurants, residents, institutions through the use of location maps. Even the streets of specific location are visible in the maps. The marketers also use this for locating their customers and clients.

Location Mapping

Importance of Location Mapping

The importance of location mapping is immense. It provides valuable information about unknown places which are traceable in the maps. The travelers are overwhelmed by the use of location maps into an unknown country. It gives directions of specific locations and also provides information about how to reach there. The world is becoming a known place with the help of location maps. Location maps bring revolution in the publicity of corporates as people can easily locate those with just a click.

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Limitations of Location Mapping

The major limitation is the access to technology. All the people are not familiar with the technology of location mapping. The people need to train up which will increase cost. Moreover, there must be information and technological infrastructure to be incorporated in order to avail the benefits of location maps. People who are unable to search specific locations through location maps are no longer be benefited.

Overcoming the Limitations

In order to overcome the limitations, some recommendations are given forward. The training is important and must be directed towards searching for exact location. The access to technology must be cheaper as well as available worldwide. The people should be trained enough to be able to avail the technological benefits that is being provided and should use it purposefully.