Location Based Marketing

As a marketing executive you can infer what type of demographics will watch a certain TV show, read a publication, listen to a radio show, and browse through internet. But you can’t be sure that those specific customers in a particular target market will be present when your message is delivered. On the other hand, you can mail a coupon to your prospect customer, but you cannot be sure they will have it in their pockets when they are close to your POS. You may promote your brand through many marketing channels. When the customer is nearby your business boosts the probability of more sales. This 21st century is all about a mobile lifestyle in which immediate contacts of all kinds are important. Place and time matter here. So for effective marketing you need to go for location based marketing.

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Location based marketing is a marketing method that changes depending on where potential clients are located. Location based Marketing is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile marketing with location based services. Here technology is used to pinpoint consumers’ location and provide location-specific marketing on POS. Instead of treating customers as a solid entity, location based marketing adapts to the specific social, cultural, personal traits of customers by making assumptions about their habits and preferences based on their location at a particular moment. Moreover, technological advances have allowed companies to know much more about their clients’ locations so they can target these clients individually.

Illustration of Location Based Marketing

Marketing campaign organizers attempt to adapt their message to the target market that is likely to view them. The promotion campaign you see in a large city may vary from those you may see in a rural setting because businesses make educated guesses on the socioeconomic nature of people based on where they’re located. For example, marketers who target airports know that their target audience has enough financial resources to travel and has time on their hands while waiting to board a flight or pass through security. So these types of marketers adapt their advertising campaign to the particular characteristics of that audience.

Users of Location Based Services and especially Location Based Social Networks like Facebook Places, Twitter, Foursquare or Flickr produce enormous number of spatial and temporal data. Analyzing this data you might answer critical questions for marketers about the customers: Who? Where? When? Why? It is the right combination of the four what makes a marketing campaign successful. The information provided by these questions is crucial for solving marketing intelligence issues such as determining market opportunities, development metrics, market penetration strategies, investment risks and many others. “Where” is the essential ingredient that makes your message completely relevant to your target market. “Where” analysis enhances the relevance of your marketing message by delivering it at the right place, at the right time, in right way.

The most important part

The most important part of location based marketing, keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a business. To achieve the ultimate goal, you need to choose feasible and appropriate tools in order to increase sales, and maximize revenues. Return on Invest (ROI) is essential in every marketing plan; location based marketing or other strategy.

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