Data Visualization

Data visualization is the process of showing abstract or verbal information into graphical display for making sense and communication. It is a powerful tool to present and make people understand easily about any complex matter or idea; because core information lives inside data. The information related to sales, athletic performance, incidences of disease or anything else are abstract but still we can display them visually. To be succeeding in transforming abstract information into visual we need to understand cognition and visual perception. In addition, to display data efficiently, designers need to trail design principle that are resulting from understanding of human perception.

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Data visualization enables people to see things that they did not understand before. After visualization has been done, even if the amount of data is very high still patterns can be understood so quickly. It helps to convey message in a universal way which makes it easy to share thoughts with others. This visualization let’s all people see the same things and it can even help them to understand the changes if a possible adjustment is done.

Data Visualization

We know that in a spread sheet there are lots of data can be inputted. It is really hard to estimate the real scenario by seeing those inputted data. But if you just create a chart or graph to display those data visually then it will become quite easier to understand the actual scenario that spread sheet data wants to depict.

Data visualization shows data in an easiest way, So that other people or director of a company can interpret the data within short time; because visualization simplifies the data and clarify the factors affecting the respective product or service. These factors help directors to make a rapid decision and save their time.

An interactive chart and graph makes it simpler for company’s decision makers to make decision in following ways:

  • Spot areas that need attentions and developments

  • Easy to understand what reasons influence your customer’s behavior

  • Visualization let company know which products to place where.

  • It helps to predict company’s sales volume

  • Data visualization improves the possibility of discovering new techniques to increase revenues or decrease expenses.

We all know that “An image can be worth more than thousands words”. Its only when the fact can be presented visually in an effective way instead of saying verbally. Anyone can gaze at a table of numbers whole day without finding things correctly. But the same person can find it if those data can be presented graphically. So we can see the power of data visualization above. There is no scope to deny it.