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Visual Regio Location intelligence provides you with many opportunities to visualize and analyze your data. Below are some examples of applications of our customers.

Fraud detection

Find potential frauds in the Insurance business. Combine information of your clients, claims and other facts into the same database in Visual Regio Location Intelligence. This helps you to find hidden insights and see patterns about a potential fraud.

Increase sales

Improve your sales because it allows you to see possibilities that you didn’t know existed. Transform your clients, prospects, offices and personell facts into a Visual display. All names, numbers, facts, and figures, when combined and organized, will show new information about your clients — information that should help create new business development opportunities.  Seeing data combined visually on a map makes the decision-making process that much easier, and can also help communicate your sales efforts to others within your organization.

Safer Traffic Environment

Use Visual Regio Location Intelligence to reduce the number of motor claims. With information about the position of the incident, vehicle, facts and figures transformed into the service it is easy to see affected areas. The visual view helps you to influence and work together with local authority and road managers to create a safer traffic environment and reduce the number of personal injuries.

Optimize location

Visual Regio Location Intelligence makes it easy for you to optimize your dealers, repairers or resellers. Transform your information and facts into a Visual display. All locations, numbers, facts, and figures, gives you a very easy way to optimize the location of your reseller, dealer or repairer.