Visualize Customers On The Map

The autumn sales period is now starting up at full speed, and conferences and sales training are on schedule for many companies. Imagine being able to show where your customers and prospects are geographically located. To be able to view an overview of already completed, booked or planned meetings on the map. Or why not show your won business/project during the year on the map?

Visual Regio is a perfect tool to use with data from the CRM system to visualize business information on the map and to easily create focus on, for example, customer and sales activities: Which salesperson will first have their customers visited and highlighted on the map?

Usually, the use of Visual Regio also leads to completely new insights about the business. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

A major advantage of Visual Regio is that there is no need for expensive integration and you have full control over what you want to analyze and can change your mind from day to day.

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