Location Intelligence improves your business decisions – get smarter

Are you utilizing the geographical part of your business information?

The majority of your data are somehow related to a location, and in the normal case, you only see your data in tables or charts – no maps. Tables and charts only tell you a part of the story and do not give you real understanding and comprehension of your data

With Visual Regio map-based visualizations, you can quickly relate your data to locations that are meaningful to your business and discover patterns and trends that are not visible in the tables and charts. You can quickly create dynamic, interactive maps based on your business data that you have in a file or spreadsheet, your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), your Business Intelligence System (BI), your Claim system or your Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and explore them in a whole new way, gaining new insights and making better, smarter and more informed decisions immediately.

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