Discover More

– By Visualizing Your Data

Visual Regio Location Intelligence makes it easy for you to build a dynamic map from your data and will put your business on the map.

Visualizing your data is not only a great way to present your data, but a powerful way to explore it as well. Visual Regio Location Intelligence lets you spot outliers and trends with ease, and the right visualization is just a click away.
Increasing end-user satisfaction and productivity is our goal when we have developed interactive features. Provide context to your visualizations through drill downs, date sliders, range controls that allow you to filter your data that you want to display on the map, information windows that constantly sum up and reflect in numeric form what is shown on the map, and detail information that displays information about each point on the map. Take productivity and user experience to a whole new level.

A heat map is perfect for identifying patterns of performance. Attention is drawn instantly to color-coded results, which are easy to understand.  Graphs and charts are great, but you can add more meaning to and understanding of your business data by visualizing your data on a map to see new patterns.

Share maps and results:
• Turn insight into action.
• Export your analysis.
• Get everyone on board with visual insight.

It’s easier than you think to enable mapping throughout your organization. And Visual Regio Location Intelligence is available on various devices through a web browser without any installation and programming.