Quickly Create Maps

– That Make the Most of Your Data

Convert different data files and spreadsheets into maps in seconds fast and easy. Visual Regio Location Intelligence is mapping software that lets you to take your business data and transform it into intuitive and informative visualizations on a map. Our software plots any location that can be found in Microsoft Bing Maps.

Visual Regio Location Intelligence delivers results in minutes, not months! Visualize, analyse, and optimize your business data with Visual Regio Location Intelligence.

Interactive features:
• Turn data files into visual insights.
• See your data at zip code, street, county, or coordinate level.
• Look up detailed information, eg customer address, about each point on the map with a single click.
• Visualize high-priority areas as clusters.
• Make pin maps or heat maps.
• Analyze multiple layers of data.

Put your data in a geographical context:
• Get an interactive and instant understanding of where your business opportunities are.
• Create color-coded maps, pins, clustered pins, or heat maps.
• Drill down to targeted regions.
• Make informed decisions by having data at your fingertips.

Explore location intelligence:
Find hidden details in your data.
• Answer questions with instant analytics.
• Take advantage of easy search, segmentation, filters, and drill downs.
• Harness the power of maps to search for values.
• Connect business activity directly to location.

By analyzing relationships and patterns in your data, you can better understand problems and locate business opportunities by location.