Location Intelligence – In The Cloud

More than 80% of your data are somehow related to a location, and in the normal case, you only see your data in tables or charts – no maps. Tables and charts only tell you a part of the story and do not give you real understanding and comprehension of your data. With Visual Regio map-based visualizations, you can quickly relate your data to locations that are meaningful to your business and discover patterns and trends that are not visible in the tables and charts. You can quickly create dynamic, interactive maps based on your business data that you have in a file or spreadsheet, your Customer relationship management system (CRM), your Business intelligence System (BI), your claim system or your Enterprise resource planning System (ERP) and explore them in a whole new way, gaining new insights and making better and more informed decisions immediately.

Visual Regio Location Intelligence is a secure, self-service application, giving you the option to make better decisions about your business, such as where you have your most profitable customers or where you have your least profitable customers, via interactive visualizations on a map. Users can quickly visualize their geo-data without any installation of software, programming, or assistance from IT experts. With Visual Regio Location Intelligence, you can analyse your data and mix it with data from external or internal sources. Thanks to map-based visualization, you can find hidden connections and gain valuable new insights. This service is completely platform and software independent. You can import and mix any data you want, both your own business information as well as data from other data sources, and the application includes all the features you need to better target your market geographically based on where you have your best chance at increasing your sales or reducing your costs.

No more waiting for IT experts to deliver your analysis! Simply create your own individual, interactive, and scalable application for you and your business colleagues. It is very easy. Visual Regio Location Intelligence offers features that create several possibilities:

  • Analyse data using intuitive controls
  • Search directly in the map
  • Act on your visual insights
  • Export your analyses

The transparent price model means no hidden surprises.