About Visual Regio

AddApp CRM Solutions AB acquired Visual Regio in 2017. With our extensive experience from the CRM market we bring a lot of ideas how to make Visual Regio even more powerful and our aim is to add on new features that will make it easier to gain important insights about your business using Visual Regio’s map based visualization.

Visual Regio was founded 2011 with an idea about how powerful it would be to visualize, for example, where customers buy their products, where a company has its best customers, where a company has its largest and most costly risks, where traffic injuries occur, and so on. What if you could take your own data, mix it with any data from different data sources eg demographic data, visualize it all on a map, and get new insights that could improve decision making.

We wanted to create a service that did not require programming, a service that people in the business itself could use according to their needs and where it was possible to mix data from different sources.

This video gives you an overview of the features in Visual Regio and what it is all about.

The main idea of our service is simplicity!
• It is easy to try
• It is easy to buy
• It is easy to use
• It is easy to modify your subscription

Visual Regio will help you with the challenge and the difficulty of visualizing and analyzing all the data available and across business areas and systems. For us, it’s about getting the value out of the data that the company invested in by putting the data into a geographic context. That means that a lot more people than just IT experts can understand and use data to make business decisions and take action.

Our vision with Visual Regio is to reach thousands of users around the world that can get the benefits of our services to make decisions in their businesses through a simple, user-friendly service and a transparent pricing model!

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